Why exhibit



• It is the Academic event organized by the Institution of more reputation and recognition in Mexico.

• You will have “captives” for 3 days, more than 1000 doctors, men and women, influential characters, of high purchasing power, to contact them.

• These doctors require products and services of high quality.

• There will be more than 75 stands and they are confirmed to the leading leading companies in products and services specialized.




• Have a brand presence


• Show new products


• Position yourself before prestigious doctors


• Placing key messages through several options of marketing


• That new generations know you


• Have private talks with experts who talk about your Products to the doctors you choose.

If you have questions about your current status at the Mexican Academy of de Dermatology, you should contact the following:
C. Esperanza Cervantes 


If you have any questions about the logistics, operations, registration or accommodation, review the “Contact List” in the Contact tab.


If you would like further information about the Congress, send an email to:


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